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Adrina Thorpe's song "Everything Changes" won the GRAND PRIZE on this year!

Adrina performed with DJ Roger Shah in Mexico City for a sold-out show to 4,000!

Adrina Thorpe's song "Midnight" won the GRAND PRIZE on! Thanks for all your support!

For those of you who wore out your copy of Adrina Thorpe's debut album "Elusive", you will be happy to know that "Halflight & Shadows", Adrina Thorpe's sophomore album, is here. You can listen now and order your copy, or find the album on iTunes.

We live in a world of Halflight & Shadows, where there is no light without dark, no joy without pain.  "Halflight & Shadows" illuminates the eternal struggle of light against the darkness and the yearning that each of us faces everyday, the quest for a beautiful life. The songs are ordered progressively, journeying from the darkest brokenness to becoming transformed and swept away by beauty. May these songs take you on a journey as well.
Great Reviews for Halflight & Shadows are coming in!

Rock n Reel Magazine, UK
"Flawless, however, is her delicately powerful vocal. Velvet rich but capable of soaring effortlessly to stratospheric heights" Read More

FrantikMag "Halflight & Shadows is a beautiful record with great songwriting, great songs, great production and great substance, like that perfect moment at the right time." Read More

Caught in the Carousel "Thorpe's new collection is stirring stuff. Armed with a voice that is positively exquisite, Thorpe makes her emotional precision look easy." Read More
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